Talks & Workshops

Our talks and workshops offer different ways for employers to support the mental health of their employees. Get in touch for more information on pricing and how we can tailor a workshop or talk to your company.


Nonviolent Communication Workshop

How we talk to each other in the workplace can have a huge effect on our own mental health, and on the mental health of those around us.

Nonviolent Communication gives us the skills to be able to communicate with more compassion. It does this by showing us how to recognise our own needs, and how to recognise when these needs feel - often on a deep emotional level - under threat. When we feel one of our needs (e.g. a need for autonomy) is under threat, we often instinctively react to defend ourselves and it’s often then that we react with anger, and communicate in a way which separates us from others. With Nonviolent Communication skills we can learn to recognise our own needs, and learn how to communicate in a way where we can balance meeting our own needs with meeting the needs of others.

This powerful workshop is lead by an experienced Nonviolent Communication workshop leader, and has the power to transform communication within your organisation, and the lives of your employees in and out of the workplace.

Group size: Small to Large

Workshop Length: 0.5 day / 1 day / 2 days.


Public Speaking Workshop

Public speaking remains one of the leading triggers of anxiety and stress in the workplace.

Our Public Speaking Workshop isn’t about training people to become the cliche confident, charismatic public speaker that many of us feel we need to be in order to be a ‘good’ public speaker. Instead, our public speaking workshops help the employee develop a deeper understanding of who they are, and explore what might be holding them back from valuing who they are, and what is stopping them from being able to show this to people with confidence and self-belief. Presenting in a way which feels authentic to the individual is at the heart of the session, alongside learning hacks for the body and mind to help the employee feel calmer and more confident while speaking in front of a large number of people.

The sessions can be booked as a one-off or as multiple sessions for a deeper understanding of the self and the things which may be stopping the person from from letting themselves be truly seen by others.

Group size: One-on-one or small groups.

Workshop Length: 0.5 day / 1 day.


Team Workshop

Based on our ‘Mental Health and Safety Poster’ - which can be found here - this workshop develops posters unique to teams within your organization.

The Team Workshop introduces the topics of mental health, self-care, and the different ways in which people feel supported. The workshop is based around the truth that we all have different ways of feeling valued. The workshop gives the team a greater understanding of how different team members feel valued, and encourages team members to share the ways in which they would best feel supported in the workplace. The outcome of the workshop is a ‘Team Mental Health and Safety’ Poster which can help serve as a reminder as to how the team can best support each other on a daily basis.

Group size: Small to Large.

Workshop Length: 0.5 day.



Our talks are lead by Zoë, the founder of Anxiety Empire who suffers with social anxiety and depression, and our speakers share their personal experience of mental illness and different ways that people can help support their mental health in and out of the workplace.

We’ve given talks at business events, cultural events and events aimed at people entering industry.


Workshops are traditionally a format where everyone is expected to speak out, but it is important for us that every workshop is inclusive for all: both for employees who are comfortable speaking in public, but also for those for whom that can cause stress and anxiety. So, the format of our workshops are designed to ensure that they are inclusive for all.