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From Burnout to Butch Cut

In capitalist societies people are under enormous pressure to be productive all the time. And so when we have phases where we cant be as productive or as creative as is demanded, then we think there is something wrong with us. This denies the nature of humans, the nature of life, and actually the nature of nature - even nature has productive cycles, and recovery cycles. And as humans we are perpetually going against our own nature, which is why we get a lot of weird diseases - because we are not listening to ourselves and we are not treating ourselves well. 

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Choose a card, any card...

The most valuable thing is how the cards show that there isn't one single thing that helps me (or anyone), instead there are many that can help in all sorts of ways, and rather than being rigid and regimented, it's good to shake things up and throw anything and everything at the problem. There are some big themes in the cards: getting back in your body by doing physical things, connecting with others, doing creative work such as writing and speaking, along with common sense stuff such as going to bed early.

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Depression, Body Dysmorphia and Kylie

In primary school I would often spend lunch time play on the bench sitting on my own -  I would get high anxiety thinking about my mum working nights, being scared of going home to my dad, not wanting to play football because I was no good at it, wanting to play hopscotch with the girls but knowing that was not really where I belonged either and the boys would frown upon that... and one game of hopscotch was not worth a week of being teasing about it. Describing how I feel today is like how I used to feel sitting on that bench. I’m watching from afar, wanting to join in, but I’m too worried, and too scared to even look up, because I may look too fem, too ugly, too awkward, too short, and too unable.

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